Technology and Online Lawyers

We are agile advisors who understand technological change and have a dedicated team of lawyers who specialise in technology, digital, online and e-commerce businesses.

We deliver pragmatic and cost effective advice to clients whose focus is on technology, digital or e-commerce and have extensive experience in structuring, drafting, negotiating and managing complex commercial arrangements and advising on a broad range of technology matters.

Our breadth of experience covers:

· E-commerce retail
· App development and distribution
· Online marketplaces, platforms and social networks
· Virtual reality and augmented reality applications
· Location based services and applications
· Digital agencies and online advertising
· Gaming and game development
· Web and App development
· Shareholders and Founders Agreements
· Early stage capital raising
· Cloud based businesses
· Trading terms and conditions
· Privacy
· Business and commercial agreements
· International expansion
· Consumer laws
· Service arrangements
· Consultancy agreements
· Trading terms and conditions
· Support and maintenance agreements
· Strategic alliance arrangements
· Online privacy obligations
· Data protection
· Intellectual property issues
· Virtual crimes
· Limitation of liability in online and virtual platforms
· Compliance with Australian and International laws

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Ehsan Fallahi

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