Investment in Residential Property in QLD



Our nationally recognised property lawyers can advise and assist investors on the purchase of residential property in Queensland.

The procedure for property conveyancing in Queensland differs significantly to that in NSW. Our experienced property lawyers can assist in all relevant steps, including:

Due Diligence

There are a number of factors that affect the due diligence and enquiry process. The main priority is to minimise risk and ensure that the title of the property is free from adverse affections.

Contract Clauses

In Queensland, contracts of sale are commonly prepared by the real estate agent and presented to the parties for signing before they engage a lawyer. We advise clients on the content of the contract to ensure that all critical information relating to the property are correctly identified.


We assist clients in negotiating contract terms where the purchase is subject to financial approval and satisfactory inspection reports. This will significantly minimise risk by reducing the uncertainty at the critical moment of making a decision to enter into the contract.

Termination of the Contract

Clients will be advised on their ability to terminate a contract if necessary. Standard contracts in Queensland include promises that a range of adverse matters do not apply to the property unless explicitly disclosed. However, there are still restrictions on when a contract can be terminated after it is signed.

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