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In times where we are seeing an accumulation of wealth in various structures in and outside of superannuation, with an ageing population, the rise in blended families and the growing number of personal relationships ending in separation, you must ensure that you have a comprehensive estate plan for you and your loved ones.

Failing to adequately consider the transfer of wealth to your loved ones or having a simple will may cost your loved ones unnecessary trauma and legal costs in disputing your estate in the courts.

We have extensive expertise in comprehensive estate planning, preparation of wills, testamentary trusts and the administration of deceased estates which assist in the creation and transfer of wealth.

·  Wills and Testamentary Trusts
·  General and limited Powers of Attorney
·  Enduring Powers of Attorney for financial matters
·  Appointments of Enduring Guardians for lifestyle and medical matters
· Advanced Medical Directives
· Assistance with guardianship or administration appointments
·  Sophisticated Testamentary Trusts
·  Protective Trusts
·  Discretionary Family Trusts
·  Special Disability Trusts
·  Will disputes and contested estates
·  Family provision claims
·  Challenging or defending a Will Probate and administration

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