Corporate / Commercial Lawyers

We advise clients about meeting their compliance requirements under Australian laws and provide guidance on how to comply with best practice corporate governance protocol. As external Corporate Counsel, we offer our clients an experienced team of on-call lawyers to manage risks.

· Corporate structuring
· Deal structuring and documentation
· Due diligence
· Regulatory compliance
· Financing and fund raising
· Mergers, acquisitions and sales
· Corporations law and Consumer law
· Intellectual property
· Employment and workplace relations
· Litigation
· Asset protection
· Estate Planning

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Ehsan Fallahi

T: +61 2 8094 1247
F: +61 2 8094 1249

Some News from the Business World


  • 23Mar

    COVID-19’s Impact on Business

    by Mistry Fallahi  Comments (0)
    In addition to the concerns for our health, families and in our personal lives, COVID-19 has also created an atmosphere of uncertainty for many business owners. To manage and mitigate the business impact of COVID-19,...

    Why bother with a Shareholders Agreement?

    by Mistry Fallahi  Comments (0)
    Many business partners start because they share a compelling vision which they hope to turn into a successful venture. But, regardless of how well business partners know each other, conflict is common. Nothings lasts forever....
  • 27Nov
    Due Diligence: What you must do?

    Due Diligence: What you must do?

    by Mistry Fallahi  Comments (0)
    When buying a business in Australia, it is imperative that you obtain legal advice from a commercial lawyer who will review the transaction and conduct due diligence. Due diligence is an essential process that can...