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We are agile advisors who understand technological change and have a dedicated team of lawyers and attorneys who specialise in assisting technology, digital, online and e-commerce businesses.
We have extensive experience in structuring, drafting, negotiating and managing complex commercial arrangements and advising on a broad range of technology matters for clients wishing to enter the Australia and Asia Pacific markets.
We advise our clients on all aspects of doing business in the APAC region including the establishment of corporate structures, compliance regimes to meet their statutory obligations, board reporting, tax considerations and management of regulatory risk.

Our Breath of Experience Covers:

· E-commerce retail and distribution
· App development and distribution
· Online marketplaces, platforms and social networks
· Virtual reality and augmented reality applications
· Location-based services and applications
· Digital agencies and online advertising
· Gaming and game development
· Online terms and conditions, terms of use and privacy policies
· Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights
· Copyright protection and brand strategies 
· Strategic alliances and joint ventures

Important Considerations For Expanding In Australia

Australian terms and conditions will govern your business and legal relationship with your customers. We can help you in limiting your legal exposure as much as possible to avoid the risk of litigation and advise you of your obligations under the Australian Consumer Laws.

Australian Privacy Laws can put great strains on the resources of any business, which plans to expand into Australia. We assist you with carefully setting out your privacy policies to be compliant with the Australian Privacy Regulations.

Protecting your brand is important in Australia. We have access to a range of specialists who can assist you in registering a wide range of intellectual property assets used for any business seeing to expand into Australia.

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